Madness & T2T

So much has been going on lately!

First we have all the tornados that have been going on here & bad weather [might I add, it's sunny and like 85 today :) ptl.]

Second Nashville, TN interstate flooded, like 7 people died from being trapped in their cars kind of flooded. [google it] Nashville is only 2.5-3 hours away from me, but everyone goes there frequently to shop AND of course rocketown is in Nashville. This also happened on the same day as the Jimmy Buffet concert [love him.] causing people from here, there, and everywhere else to not be able to go.

Third the water was going so fast on the river here after all the weather, that a barge got swept into a boat dock with LOTS of [nice] boats on it, and the boat dock got swept into the bridge causing [some] people to be evacuated from their homes and such.

Fourth the oil spill in the Gulf. One of my best friends Caitlin lives there. I am such an animal lover as you guys know, and this saddens me more than anything. ESPECIALLY for the animals, but also for all the people at the beach who depend on summer to keep their business' going.

If you're anywhere near the Gulf, and can help, DO IT! I'm about 8 hours away, but I will be at the beach on the 27th of this month-- we can pray against anymore damage!

I just thought I would update the madness of the past 5 or so days.



Jewelry & Purses.

Be back later, loves! Happy Tuesdayyyy!


Alissa said...

Oh this makes me so sad, and to see those helpless little animals suffering :(. The oil spill in the gulf is the talk of our area and it makes me sad for the events that have come from it too.

whitney said...

where do you guys live? it's the talk here too! front page of the paper this morning

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