PCB: Second FULL Day!


Daddy doing the Heisman

Me & Mikey on the beach

Me & Mikey

Me & Michael before Margaritaville

Mom & I at Margaritaville

Dad & Michael at Margaritaville

Humongous PICKLE!


Disco ball airplane in Margaritaville

Daddy eating his birthday ice cream :)

Michael & I at Pier Park


Today was fun! Me and Michael went to the beach this morning and spent a long while at the pool this afternoon together :) We came in about 2:00 this afternoon and we started getting ready to go out tonight! We all decided to go to Margaritaville which is on the outside of Pier Park. We waited for an HOUR but it was sooo worth it! Jimmy Buffet and his sister has two of my favorite restraunts! Lulu's & Margaritaville. I had a Bacon BBQ Burger and it was MOUTH-WATERING!
Afterwards we just rode around, and later we got some starbucks. Sadly, I ordered the wrong thing and it was so very nasty, but it's okay! Then, some teenager trying to be all cool almost hit us head on--yay!
Now we're back in the condo getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is our last FULL day since we came down Thursday and are leaving Monday [we stayed for Memorial Day weekend] so we're going to get up and have a big breakfast made by my daddy and soak up every bit of the beach tomorrow!
Goodnight, loves!


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