catch up & boutique crazy!

It's Wednesday! YAY. Church day :)

Sorry I have been such a bad/behind blogger lately, but I just got back from vacation on Monday afternoon and went to see Michael's parents, went to a church Memorial Day thing & went to watch bachelorette and eat at my parents that night, so I didn't actually get IN my apartment until about 10:00!

Yesterday I had to come in super early to work [8:00] since we had a lot to make up for after going on vacation for 5 days, and I didn't get out of here until almost 5:00! I thought I was going to die. SO when I got off I went to tan and then I went home and was very lazy until Michael got home at 7:00. It wasn't too bad, because I only had to be by myself + the dogs for 2 hours. When Mikey got home we went to Pizza Hut and ate together and then watched the Hills :)

TODAY is a much better day. I have come to the conclusion that if you wake up in the morning and actually get ready then you have a better day. I have a more stressful and tired day when I just roll out of bed and go! Tonight is church AND we're going to try the new fro-yo place here called frostbite! Yummmm.

How has everyone been!?

Ps. I'm REALLY getting boutique crazy. I'm researching now about opening my own in the future. Anyone creative with design? :)


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