father's day!

Today was a GREAT day. Finally.

After such an emotional wreck of a week I needed a good day, and I know the rest of my family did too!

This morning we woke up around 11:00 and then we got dressed and headed over to my parents to give my dad his gift :) With everything that has been going on with my Papa, we didn't cook or anything this year. I think my parents were perfectly fine with just laying low for a change. The seemed like they were enjoying their big 'ole comfy chair and HGTV when we came over ;]

As you know, my daddy LOVES to cook! So we got him these neat little kabob things from.. AVON! It's like a kabob basket, so you don't have to mess with putting them on the stick and checking to make sure every little peice is getting done. He loved it!

Afterwards we went to Target, to the mall, and then to tan. We came home and let the dogs out and played with them for a little while before we went out and window-shopped, then Michael took me to play DISC GOLF for the very first time!

At first I thought we just tossed the frisbees in the basket, well.. okay that sounds easy enough. And then I realized we tossed them into a basket that was almost 300 feet away. No longer fun. Then I realized you throw it once, then throw it from where it lands until you get it in the basket, okay- fun again!

So we went to Dick's and got me a "putter" and.. something else. I got a cute tye-dye one and a neon pink one!

We played for about 12 little basket things all around the park and in the woods- it was fun! My feet got dirty, I was in my good shoes, I stepped on a sticker, and Michael punctured a hole in his TOMS. Whoops. But I wouldn't change any of those things, I can't wait to go again! :)

Oh, we also went to BAM this afternoon and I got me a devotional and he got him the one he had been wanting. I also got my mom a little something [she reads my blog.. will tell tomorrow :] and a dream book, which I have wanted for forever! Being a dreamer, it comes in handy! :)

All in all- I had a great day and I'm SO glad I didn't have to sit at home and miss papa all day. I've come to realize when I sit still for 10 minutes all I can do is cry at missing that sweet man.

PLEASE pray for my Mom, as she had to spend this Father's day without my Papa- so soon after he passed.

To my Daddy:
You are THE best daddy in the entire world. I seriously love everything about you - and mostly your humor! There is never a dull moment when you're in the room. You have always been strong for our family, and I am forever greatful for all you have done to give me, Hanna & Kelley such a great life! I am so proud to call you daddy!

To my Papa:
Oh do I miss you or what! You have always been an example of such a kind and loving spirit and I love you so much! You were a perfect example of how to treat your wife, and how to care for a family. You are SO fun and everyone loved you. I will see you soon, Papa- give Oma a hug for me! I love you!

And without thanks to our Heavenly Father, I wouldn't have these two men! I love you, Jesus!


Jenn said...

It must of been an emotional day for ya'll, just losing your papa :( I have been praying for you and your family! I'm glad you got to enjoy yesterday with your dad!

whitney said...

thank you so much! that means a lot to me!

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