Weekend FUN!

Friday night we took a little double date at Ricatonni's with my best friend Katy and her boyfriend Michael H. since Elliott [her son, our God son :)] was at his daddy's house this weekend. We went to eat and then to the park just to talk for a while :)

After that, we went to Katy's so her and Michael H. could say their goodbye's and she came our to our apartment and spend the night with us and we stayed up until 4AM talking. AH! I thought I was going to die, BUT that's why I love best friends! Since Michael had to work all day the next day he stayed up and talked with us for a while and then he went on to sleep.

Saturday we had a lazy girls day & got up and went to the tattoo shop so Katy could get her nose pierced. Since she had to take her belly button ring out while she was pregnant with Elliott [two years ago] it grew up and she's been meaning to get it redone but never has. Well, she mentioned it to me in front of the peircer.. and he re did it for her! :] Two piercings in one day? She's a beast.

on to the belly button...

Last night Michael and I went to Pizza Hut and then to Rivertown to get a Frappe [YUM!] and then we went to sit with his friend and talk while he had night shift at work!

Today, we woke up too late for church but we got up [this afternoon] and ate our left over Pizza and got ready to go over to Michael's mom's because it was his oldest, younger sister's 20th birthday today! We got her some AMAZING smelling lotions, a make up bag, and yummmmy smelling hand sanitizer with a little thing to carry it on your keys all from bath & body :]

Happy Birthday Rachel - We love you! :)

Afterwards, we all came outside and decided to longboard! Michael and the other guys longboarded, I stood on the longboard while Michael held on to me and ran, haha!

We ended up leaving around 9:00 and we are POOPED!
But we had an amazing weekend full of fun, food, family, friends.. and longboarding ;)

Now tomorrow it's back to Monday! These weekends FLY! Hope everyone had a good weekend! And HAPPY MONDAY!


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