RIP Sweet Papa :')

As you saw in my previous entry, Papa went to be with Jesus last night.

His visitation will be held at a funeral home tomorrow at 3PM and then he will be buried next to my Oma in a little graveyard.

I'm going to miss that sweet man. I already do.

Wednesday, the nurse told us that some people hang on until they know that everyone has come to see them. Hearing is the last thing to go. One lady hung on for 16 days with no food/water until her grand daughter came in from out of town, then died ten minutes later. Yesterday, the last bit of my family came in from out of town, My Uncle Mike & My Cousin Brad. They were there for about two hours and My dad said "It's okay Papa, Everyone is here, You can go now, we're going to be okay" and then I watched my Papa take his very last breath.

He waited, He knew. How amazing.

Last night was tough & these next few days will be as well. Please pray for My Mom & My Aunt Kathy during this time, they sure are going to miss their Daddy.

I know my Papa is having a ball in heaven with Jesus, My Oma, and of course Paul 'Bear' Bryant. And you better believe he is giving those Auburn fans a good talkin' to. After he ate some of Oma's famous spaghetti of course ;)

I miss you & LOVE you sweet Papa, ROLL TIDE!


Jenn said...

I'm SO sorry for your loss :( I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers! xoxo

Allyson said...

Sorry for your loss.

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