Whitney/Michael DAY!

OH my.

What a filled up day we had. It seemed so anyways.

It's Thursday, Michael's off day [you all know this] so I woke up and got ready for work. Well actually I didn't, I woke up, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes and off I went.

Michael spent the morning running a few errands [work, delivering my Mom's AVON to her, depositing my check, etc] you know, the usually 'honey-do' list ;)

Michael was going to take me to lunch, and on my way out my mom said I didn't have to come back to work. SCORE! Just what I wanted to hear :)

So, we went to eat, got groceries, cuddled- the norm.

Michael wanted to play frisbee golf SO bad but I just couldn't make myself stand out in the NINETY-FIVE degree scorcher of a day. If there isn't a pool around-count me OUT. I'm fun, huh? :)

I thought I would make Michael's day and tell him we could go play AFTER we got groceries and ate dinner [at 6:30] but it was STILL 95 degrees. Maybe another day, Mikey!

I made some YUMMY spaghetti for dinner tonight, though! OH, and we got our dogs the "indestructable" rubber-ish bone from walmart. Don't waste your money. Zeke, [our yorkie] has already torn the stuff off of one, and Xoe won't touch the other. I could have saved myself $10.

On a happier note, we got our beach pictures developed and they are sooo cute :) We're so ready to own a house, I have sooo many cute things I want to do with pictures! BUT, not until we are debt-free. No exceptions. Until then, we LOVE our apartment, it's the cutest!

Hope you had a FABULOUS Thursday- I almost said Monday.. Tomorrow is Friday! Eeeek!


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