Oh, Monday..

Today I woke up, late, as I always do. My alarm clock [cough, cough, Michael] obviously broke or something and forgot I needed to be at work at 9:00.

I woke up and I was still having the worst stomach ache from the day before and I felt awful. I got to work on time and work I did! Monday's are always crazy at work. Monday's are crazy in general!

I got to work and my parents had to both leave that afternoon because they called them down to the nursing home. My papa isn't doing good, and we believe he is in his last days. My mom seems to be holding together a lot better than she did with my Oma, because I think she knows what to expect. That, and the fact that she knows my Papa will be so much happier in Heaven, where he will be pain free.

I left work around 2:30 and went and got our God son, Elliott :) We went over to my parent's house so my little sister could see him, and we ended up staying there until after the bachelorette. [Might I add I wish Kasey would have gotten kicked off and Jesse stayed-- he was adorable!] Elliott peed all over me, AS I was about to change him. That silly boy! So I stripped him and got him in the bath and he LOVED it. I will have to show pictures soon :] the bath OBVIOUSLY relaxed him and he slept for 30 minutes or so.

Afterwards, we went to tan and met Katy so Ellie could go home. Michael went on home and Katy and I chatted [as always] for a little while.

Our Monday was pretty boring, thank goodness! But I am so tired, and Michael is already asleep.

Sorry this post was just rambling and NO pictures, but I just can't find the energy to upload them!

Goodnight :)


Jenn said...

Yes, I agree - Mondays stink lol I will be praying for your papa!! And I just purchase scrap kits and design my own layouts now. Much easier that way!

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