Surprise Picnic!

My sweet husband has been working his hiney off the past few days, selling cars, dealing with people for hours at a time who end up not even getting approved, and doing that from 9-7 every single day.

Today I took a nice little three hour nap, and when I woke up it was about 6:30.. I decided I wanted to do something sweet for him so I packed up a picnic! He is VERY easy to please, and I knew it would be something he really loved! We've went on picnic's before, but they were always planned.

Everything was good [Note to self: Next time bring bug spray!]except the ranch seasoning [our fav] that I brought for our popcorn ended up being.. gross. I don't know what happened to it but it just didn't look right. We had Water, Fresh Turkey [from the deli] on wheat sandwiches, BBQ Baked Lays, and a Mini Popcorn bag! And to top it all off-we got brownie melts on our way home. Fatties, huh? Too bad everything WE eat goes right to MY thighs. Stupid metabolism.

We picnic'd right by the water and it was beautiful, we went out in the middle of the grass and picked a spot and stayed awhile just having fun! We saw what I 'knew' was a cruise ship.. in Florence, AL - but it wasn't. It was like.. something else, ha!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Stay tuned- the next week or so I have a surprise to share with you all! :)


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