Sad Day/Bath & Body

What a busy day it's been in our house!

This morning I woke up and Michael and I both got ready for work. Today was his off day but he decided to go in for a little bit and work a deal with someone. I was quick to get all of my things done, hoping I could leave early to be with him, and I did! We went to get lunch at Zaxby's and I came back to work for about an hour before we went to get me a haircut.

I wanted my hair cut short so bad, I have had it short before, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! I knew how bad I would later regret it. So since I was itching for something new, I got some side bangs and layers put in, and my hair looks SO much better! Hopefully a color is coming soon :)

This is how I wanted it cut, so adorable, but glad I didn't do it!

We were going to stop at the new donut shoppe on our way home because Michael said they were UH-may-zing & I was very excited because I LOVE donut holes and Krispy Kreme doesn't have them anymore! Well, we got there and they didn't have any left :( Sad day.

After we left, we went home ONLY TO FIND one of my fish dead. I literally cried for 15 minutes and flushed my fish, and cried some more. True animal lover, right there. Sad day.

So, to make me feel better Michael took me to Logan's we got a 'new' waitress and she was. so. slow. Sad day.

She brought out the steak I was craving oh so badly, and it tasted like hamburger meat. I have NEVER been anything BUT pleased with Logan's.. they are one of my favorites! But tonight was just gross. So I ate a roll, macaronni, and a brownie for dinner. Sad day.

We went to PETCO afterwards because I wanted to buy another fish [welcome to the fam TJ!.. Tom JR.] and I got SO sick, I had the worst stomach ache ever. Sad day.

The ONLY thing that made all of that better, was the fact that I spent ALL of those moments with Michael! Other than the whole 'using the bathroom' thing :)

As you know, every other Thursday is when my AVON orders come! I was so excited because this time around I ordered these 3 fabulous things and I am SO glad I did!

I'm usually very dark complected, but if I lay out in the sun a lot and then NOT lay in the sun not the tanning bed, the real sunshine then my skin looks blotchy, Only on my face. Attractive right? So before that started happening I got this product and it feels soo refreshing! I love MARK.

I decided to try this LEMON SUGAR body wash & body butter and let me tell you, I have never smelt something so wonderful! It is amazing, and is really cheap.

So, from your favorite AVON REP, I think you should try some! :)

Do you have any favorite 'bath & body' essentials!? I wanna know :)


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