Today was a GREEEEEAT day!

I worked from 9:30AM until 2:00PM and then I got to leave :) I went with these two lovelies to put in their apartment application and then we rode around and did some shopping. Surprisingly, I didn't get a thing. We took Elliott in to see my sister at Bath & Body and he LOVED her, it was so precious- too bad I didn't get a picture of him and my sister!

After that, I came home and Michael got here about two hours later. We changed our clothes and went BACK to the mall because I had this shirt I loved and wanted to show him. Well, I didn't get the shirt - because I found other things! I ended up getting this

[and another shirt like it but with butterflies on it, hey- it was buy one get one for half price! ;)]

and a precious Victoria Secret VERRRRRRY comfy sweatshirt that I couldn't find a picture of :(

Now we're home and Michael's getting antsy and ready to go to sleep, as well am I and the pups!

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!


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