Worst blogger award goes to...

Whoops! Sorry :(

BUT, on another note- WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!! :) I am so happy you're reading my blog, and will make my way around to reading all of yours! :]

Friday- We had date night [pizza] and then headed downtown and hung out with my sister and her friends, I got an adorabbbble new handmade change purse at the coffee shop :)

Saturday- I spent most of the day all by my lonesome, BUT that will be changing soon seeing as I am about to start keeping one sweeeet, very active, four year old every saturday ;) My sweet Mom and Daddy brought me some Zaxbys and we all ate at our Apt and they visited for awhile. I got ready [In 40 minutes, thank you SHORT hair!] and we went to see my grandmother :) That night we went to Michael's mom's because his uncle from Florida was in town visiting, and we had a "family night" with grilled food, BAM [I got the new book Eat Love Pray- Have any of you read it!?] and went to the Ice Cream Corner, then headed home. We were night owls :) Then we crashed.

Sunday- We were laaaaazy [waking up at 11AM!] and then went to my parents for some GREAT food, of which I just ate some leftovers :) and watched 2012. Good movie, but way too long for me. We then ran errands all day and ate dinner. We went to ride around looking for houses and are HOPING and praying we get our debt paid off by January 1. I can't stand not having my own home! Patience, Whitney :) OH, and while we were driving I said 'Mikey I wanna go home I have a bad tummy ache' and right as he heads home, we run out of gas. Shoot me. Thank heavens for the kind man who had a gallon of gas laying in his garage. God bless you MUCHO!

Sooooo sorry we had to play catch-up! I'll try to be a better blogger ;)

Oh, oh, oh!
One of my good friends, Kaiti, who has been my good friend since I was THREE YEARS OLD got married in May and just found out she is expecting her first baby! Soon, I know. But in God's plan--how awesome is that!? Praise Jesus!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday, I am! :)


Amanda said...

i'm always so scared of running out of gas!!! that is wonderful there was someone able to help! hope you have a great week! :)

whitney said...

Oh, it for sure scares me too! Neither of us had ever run out of gas before, and from what I heard, the car would begin to jolt and let you know you're running out. Nope. Didn't happen! We just....stopped going!

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