Weekend full of babies!

This weekend Michael and I had Zoe (20 months) on Friday night, and most of the day Saturday, and then Saturday afternoon I exchanged Zoe for Noah (3months) and we had our first night with a teensie baby!
Well, Michaels.
My friend Katy has a 2year old and I've been a part of his life since before he was born! I have spent many nights in a bed with katy and elliott. Ha!
Noah didn't sleep too much, on and off until 4:30AM and then he slept from then until about 10 or so. He was such a good baby.
You all know I enjoyed pretending I was a mommy for the weekend, so when everyone told me how cute they were, etc.. I went with it! :) too fun.
It's also fun hearing how much they look like me and people can just TELL they are my babies. Really? Because I have dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes & they have light hair, light skin & blue eyes. Whatever! Ha. They could pass for Michaels babies, and he was SO sweet with them. It melted my heart!
And of course, makes me ready for some NOW.
So Lord, whenever you're ready- so are we :)
I'll be back with pictures later! :)
Happppy Mondayyy!


Kimberly said...

Cant wait to see the pics! You and Michael are so cute!

Alex(andra) said...

Aww that's awesome that you guys have babies you can watch like that. I need to go find me some babies to help my baby fever. :)

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