it's coming up!

I have some new followers! I love youuuuu already! :)

The countdown is here! We leave for the beach in ONE week at 4:30 in the morning. And I have to drive first, WOWZAH! It's going to take 10+ hours to get to Florida, bleh. And since I'm not comfortable driving "on the big road" I will drive until I can't anymore and then Michael will take over :)

My heart is so happy!

We will be staying at the gorgeous Hilton right on the beach for an amazing price! Thank you, Aunt Georgia!

We are so happy to be going for our anniversary.. and it's soo close! One year has snuck up on us for sure!


Ria Thurston said...

yay!!! 4:30, woo hoo! Our flight leaves at 7:00 We will be at the airport SUPER early. Can't wait to see photos. 1 year!!!

Erica said...

where are you guys going in florida that takes 10 hours?? you will have so much fun!

Caitrin said...

hi anniversary twin :) we have been counting down our trip too! I am sure you guys are going to have an amazing time! I cant wait to see pics!!

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