RIP iPhone.

Michael had T-Mobile
I had At&T
Our internet was through Verizon
..which leaves me having to remember three seperate bills. I used to have Verizon but switched just so I could have my iPhone and have never had a problem. I loved my iPhone, bless. Michael's T-Mobile phone just stopped working a few months ago and we had to pay like $50 to get a new one even though it wasn't his fault. Then a few days ago Michael dropped his phone and busted the screen so I got on the internet to file an insurance claim and the deductible was $130. Yeah, right.
We wanted to have everything on the same plan anyway, so we just decided to go ahead and do it now, and the easiest/most affordable family plan was through Verizon.
We both got the droids (and Michael is beyond excited!) but I'm just not feeling it yet. I miss my iPhone!
Droids are like the Verizon 'hype' right now. I posted a status on fb about if I should get a Droid because I loved my Verizon Blackberry and I got 43 comments talking about how amazing the Droid is.
The sales lady lost me with her rude remarks and her smart comments, and using the F-word and telling us about her drunk husband. Yay for you.
I like it, and I LOVE HAVING 3G! [AT&T doesn't have it here yet!] but it is going to take some time.
Love you little iPhone, but marriage takes a toll on the 'ol expenses. I guess it's worth it ;)
What do you have!? Do you like it?


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