Bachelorette + Sick Tuesday

So, who watched the Bachelorette last night!?

This is going to sound rediculous, but I cried through half of the show! Roberto and Chris were my two favorite picks from the start, so of course I would have been sad to see either one of them go. I was actually hoping she wouldn't pick anyone so just one person wouldn't have to leave sad "/ is that bad? But a tiny peice of me wanted Chris to get the final rose just a teensie bit more.

When she let Chris go I was baffled! I couldn't beleive she did that, but I guess it was props to her for not making him stay for the ceremony, and he handled it very classy! He better be the next bachelor. I want to see him find love. Mushy, I know :)

BUT, on the other hand, you can tell just how happy Ali is! And Roberto is a great guy- I wish them the best!

Now that I am done talking like I know people that I don't..

Yesterday was the easiest Monday of my life. We weren't slow but it sure seemed like we were, and to top it all off we beat our sales record last month so we got a bonus! AND today Michael got a pretty little commission check, right when we need it! Thank you, Jesus!

Today I'm not working due to being lame and laying in the bed sick to my stomach. All. Day. Long. Hopefully Michael will bring something good, that won't hurt my stomach, home for lunch today!

I love lazy days, but when you don't have anyone to spend them with other than an iPhone, a netbook, and three dogs, they get a little boring!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

*Oh! I almost forgot that I just ordered my sisters birthday present! I can't tell you where from yet, because she reads my blog and she will go figure out what it is--but her birthday is August 18th and my LITTLE sister will be 17! Geez.. So, Um.. you have to wait to find out what it is, too! Whoops!


Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Enjoy your lazy day!! [love the haircut btw] :)

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