Lately [three times] I have received some pretty harsh comments on my blog. I am pretty sure I know who the person is, and it seems nothing other than their normal character. "Lovinthatbabyjesus" is their name, but they don't have a blog. It could be someone totally different than who I think it is, but whoever you are I pray for you numerous times and I will continue too!

Because of this, I had to resort in making my blog to where only readers who have a blog can leave me comments, and I have to approve them before they are on the blog. I figured I would try this first before fully resorting to having to make my blog private or what not.

To "lovinthatbabyjesus":
I am insulted that you have that as your name and act the way that you do. Please know that I pray for you and now I know the people on my blog do too. I'm sorry that you have insecurities that cause you to do the things you do, and problems wrong with the inner/outer you, that make you point out what you think is wrong with the inner/outer me. I hope someday you will realize that the Kingdom of God is not cruel, it is not hurtful, and it is not rude- but it is full of love. And your actions show you don't know what real love is. Real love is Jesus and the things you have said are not of Him. I pray the people around you show you love and kindess and let you know you are loved. No matter what you say, I still pray for you, and I love you--Jesus does too.

To the rest of my readers: I'm sorry you had to endure such a lame post. I love you all and you are so great--especially my sweet blogger friends!


Ria Thurston said...

YOU GO GIRL! Glad you did this :)

"Miss" Paige said...

Wow! Way to go Whitney!!! And you are the MOST beautiful person inside and out, and I think that every time I look on your blog!


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