Top TWO Toooooooooosdy!

Tips Tips Tips! :)


1. Curled Hair- Lot's of you have asked (when I had long hair, sad day!) how I grew/curled my hair. The growing process is just a gift, my hair just grows fast! ha. The curling part is with my CHI flat iron, god of the flat irons, for sure. You just section of your hair, take a peice, put the iron to it and twist. I learned from a youtube video, no shame here!

2. Clear Skin- People have always asked me how I don't have acne. (Trust me, when I do-It's noticeable, and placed ever so gently in the center of my face.) and that my friends, is because I only wear eye make up + tan. Thanks to my mom, I've never really had acne. She has perfect skin! I noticed that when I tan, my skin stays clear, and when I don't tan for awhile, I get little bumps sometimes--try it!

Btw, My friend Kaiti went to the doctor today to find out she is 6 weeks along, and expecting their first bundle of joy on April 5, 2011! Which just so happens to be our 1.5 year anniversary.

I think it's a sign that I'm next. Don't you? Ha! Hop on the agreement bandwagon and I'll be in the receiving lane ;)


Syndal said...

stopping by from top two tuesday..your blog is super cute! & thanks for the tip about the flat iron, i'm gonna have to check that out!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great tips!! I cannot for the life of me curl my hair with my chi! your hair always looks adorable!! and yes you should for sure be next on the preggo list! you would be the cutest prego ever!

"Miss" Paige said...

Your next!! :)

Lindsay said...

stopping by from the undomestic momma! Love your pics :) Cute blog!

midwesterngal said...

tanning always clears up my skin!!

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