Happy 17th Birthday, Hanna!

Today is my little seestur, Hanna's 17th birthday! :)/:(
Where did my little 7lb, teensie blonde, curly headed baby sister go?
Isn't she gorgeous!?

Hanna- I can't believe you are seventeen today. I remember the day you were born! I remember the times Mom walked in and I had crawled into your crib and crawled back out with you in hand. I remember the time I put you in my baby doll stroller-what!? You fit perfectly! You were so teensie. I also remember the time I was watching TV and you walked up behind me, sat on my back, laid your head down being so sweet, and then bit the *&^* out of my shoulder! And the time that you shut the cat in the door and broke his hip, and of course, I must mention the time we were rolling worms in chalk and then pouring water on them to make them come back to life, and I went in to get some scissort {poor worms!} and you came and took them.. this resulted in me getting my hand cut open and having four stitches. Did you think I wasn't going to say it?
I am so proud of the person you have become and I couldn't ask for a better little sister! Although we don't ALWAYS get along, I love having someone pretty close to my age to be able to hang out with all the time. I am so happy to call myself your sister, you also make mom and dad very proud! You are so talented in art, photography, and so much more! Keep seeking Jesus and glorifying him through all your talents and you will go so far!

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