More snow + The Civil Wars

My blogger has NOT been working at work with this new stupid internet explorer. grr.


We got somemore snow last night. Nothing compared to the 12 inches we got a week and a half ago, but we got a good inch. It's pretty to see;) Schools got delayed 2 hours for an inch of snow. You can't imagine the madness when we got hit with 12 inches, huh? It was pretty insane.

Here is a picture of our pretty snow!

Did I ever tell you about The Civil Wars? They're two people from my area, and they are getting pretty big! They performed on Jay Leno last week and this is my favorite song from them. Does he not look JUST like Johnny Depp?

Happy Friday!


SUNday FUNday!

Me & Zekey with our morning hair

WHAT a lazy Sunday morning at our house. Even though I was SUPER tired, I woke up with the dogs and Michael just now woke up! He must have been super tired :)

Last night, we went to Huntsville with my best friend Emily and her boyfriend, Drew. We ate at Newks and then we went to see a movie-The Dilemma. It was SO hilarious! Vince Vaughn is one of my (if not my favorite) favorite actors! I also love Kevin James too, super funny.

We didn't get home until midnight and I was in the worst mood. I was SO sleepy! We had a late night the night before so I was super worn out. We were asleep probably 20 minutes after we got back home.

Oh, this isn't the best video BUT some people from our area [The Civil Wars] were on Jay Leno the other night! How cool is that? I love their stuff. We're going to their show Feb. 1st. Listen and Love. :)

Lunch today with my parent's - yummmm!
Happy Sunday, loves!



Hey friends!

Please do me a HUGE favor. I need help getting a blog going, so head on over to Sweet Nothings and follow and please post for all your friends to share too!

It's going to be a blog full of daily encouragement for women and a weekly prayer request post as well!

So head on over and make yourself comfy!

Thanks SO much!


more snow pictures + new look + bachelor recap + cake balls!

Okay, I was using the owl background until I got this one up. Cute huh!? I like ;]

Yesterday we went over to my parents to play in the snow with Hanna, it was fun but COLD. We only stayed for about an hour so we could get home in time to make dinner and watch the bachelor.

How cute are those!? My dad and Hanna made the snowman before we got there, in case you can't see the leaves on his head, he was a "Caeser Snowman" ha!

Yesterday, since we were snowed in all day, we decided to make cake balls! It was my first time, and I didn't go by any recipe, I just went with what sounded good.

1. Get cake mix (I used the super moist betty crocker chocolate)
2. Mix as the box says
3. Stir in 1 bag of crushed andes mints
4. Bake according to directions
5. Set cake in the freezer for faster cooling
6. Crumble up the cake
7. Shape into balls
8. Poor White chocolate over it (I used hersheys morsels)
9. Sprinkles!


Now, on to more IMPORTANT things ;)


I have fully decided I am NOT loving Michelle. See is just too much for me. As of now, I don't have any other favorites, but I'm still stuck on Emily and Ashley S. Emily is too adorable for words. She is DEFINITELY the Tenley of this season, and Tenley was my girl last season!

Happy Tuesday :)


Snow Day!

Happy Monday over this way!

All week long we were expecting 4-8 inches of snow which is a LOT of snow in Florence, Alabama! SO Everyone raided all the grocery stores and EVERYTHING was gone. It was an insane mad house! Of course, what uusually happens when people do that, is the entire county shuts down and then NOTHING happens. Well, not this time.. we got ONE FOOT of snow and some places got FOURTEEN INCHES! Needless to say, we just don't know what to do with ourselves! ;)

So, everything is closed, no one has to go to work, and we are "SNOWED IN" :) This is our biggest snow since 1963 when we got 17 INCHES of snow. :]

Enjoy our pictures! :)

This is how it started of last night around 9:00..

This is what it looked like when we woke up this morning..

Can you tell we had fun? :)


Project 365: Day 4

Michael loves to play music, and even more so he loves to play for me! I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I thought I loved the one of him playing, until I saw the one of those precious blue eyes. It was tough, so I chose two. Those eyes were definitely the highlight of my day.


Bachelor 2011: Top Picks

I love the bachelor, so if you don't you may not want to read :)

Did you watch it?

This year is BRAD WOMACK.. again. He's a doll, but sure got some crap last time. Poor Brad, he got NAILED from these ladies! But he [kind've] deserved it. :/

My top picks for this season are my absolute favorites- IN ORDER :)

Emily from Charlotte, NCShe is an event planner for a Children's Hospital and she is SO southern and cute. She also has a little girl. I adore her. She met and fell in love when she was 15 and got engaged at 19. Her fiance was a racecar driver and she happened to stay home one weekend and he died in a plane crash. She said she wished she died in it with him so she didn't have to live without him until she found out a few weeks later she was pregnant with their daughter, who she named after him. Adorable. (She was also in the first few batch of girls to get a rose!)

Ashley S. from Ellerbe, NCShe is a nanny! She is so sweet and adorable and she got the first impression rose :) she is the one who told Brad that she was there to be his friend first and foremost and that the past is the past and she doesn't hold the first season against him. He said "that's what i'm looking for in a wife.. a friend." love it.

Michelle from Salt Lake City, UTShe's a hairstylist! She also has a 5 year old daughter and is super adorable. She was also the first person to get a rose (besides the first impression rose) i'm not 100% how much I like her yet, but I think I like her!

Did you watch? Who are your top picks and what do you think about Brad getting a second chance?

Project 365: Day 1, 2, and 3

I'm just now starting my project 365 and I'm already behind :P
If you haven't heard of Project 365.. now you are! And I think you should do it with me :) It's for everyone! All you do is take a picture each day until the end of the year and post it and tell what it is and the meaning behind it (What is it, where were you, something along those lines!) and at the end of the year you can look back and see your days in pictures. Sounds too fun to me :] ..You can tell by my pictures what I love, obviously ;)

Also, if you're a photographer you can see how much you have grown throughout the year. I'm not a photographer, so don't count on seeing perfect pictures ;)

Day 1: My sweet little Zekey
Zekey likes to nap with me! He was laying with me while everyone else was playing. I guess all the new years festivities and long weekend with company was wearing him out!

Day 2: My big fat CAPO
This is how I found him sleeping in bed. Glad he isn't afraid to get a little comfortable ;)

Day 3: Pookie
Pookie is my parents dog. He's a big 80lb dog who thinks he's 8lbs. He likes to lay under my desk and when I looked down this morning those big brown eyes were staring at me!

Join in on Project 365 and let me know if you do so I can read your posts. :)



-I will keep a journal
-I will work more on LISTENING to Him and letting Him have his way with my life
-I will continue to work on my patience level with everyone/everything
-I will reach my goal weight and continue to work out and be healthy
-I will make new friends and no longer be sad that the old are gone. He took them out of my life for a reason.

:) I declare every one of you will have a blessed year and a year full of good surprises, change, and a break out in your area of what God wants you to be a part of. YOU be the change. The time is here!

"Heaven is here now.. He's all around us.."

2010 Recap

2010 was full of SO many things. From what I've read, 2010 wasn't the best year for lots of people. I don't think it was my BEST year, but I do think there was lot's of good things that happened, too.

Pro's of 2010...
-I started singing again
-We welcomed Capo and sweet Sophie into our home!
-I met my good friend Krissy Leigh
-I met my new Aunt & Uncle (michael's) who live in Florida
-I met Demi Lovato
-I touched the Jonas Brothers ;)
-We kept the church nursery a LOT and feel so in love with all the kids
-We grew closer to Michael's family
-We grew even MORE close to my family, if that's possible!
-We both bought our dream cars
-I lost 23 pounds
-We watched MANY MANY MANY friends get engaged, married, and/or pregnant
-I found MANY animals homes!
-And much more!

Con's of 2010...
-I lost my Papa
-I "lost" my older sister
-For a few months our financial stability wasn't so stable
-I rescued a cat that had been hit and it died in my lap
-I lost a good friend
-I'm sure there is more but I can't think of any!

I'm glad to see that it was SO easy to think of all the good and so hard to think of all the bad. That really makes me realize how blessed I was this year and how thankful for all of the good things that happened!

What was YOUR favorite 'PRO' of 2010?

NYE 2010

Yesterday we left the house around two and went to the mall to eat lunch and shop around a little bit with Timmy (Michaels friend from California, who is also my sisters friend-boy) and we met up with Hanna and Lily later and went to Target, TJ Maxx and Shoe Carnival, buuuuut found nothing. Except an extremely cute romper that my mom made into an even cuter shirt! :)

After we got ready we went out to eat at a YUMMY italian restraunt in downtown and then we went bowling and Lily's boyfriend Jeremy met up with us and bowled after he got off work. It was super fun! I especially had fun with Michael, we'd never been bowling together, so trying something new was fun! We ended up being at the bowling alley until right at midnight, and they did the countdown and we said hello to 2011 to a New Years kiss of course!

After bowling we went to our apartment and I made some drinks and snacks for everyone and we hung out until almost 3 in the morning and then they all left and we were FINALLY able to lay down and get in the bed. I had lots of fun but after about 12:30 I was ready to get in bed. We are NOT used to being up so late. When I got up this morning (after only 5 hours of sleep) I was more than feeling like crap. I was shakey, I couldn't keep my eyes open, I was SO worn out, SO we laid back down and woke up around 11:00 and laid on the couch watching TV until about 3:00 and then finally ate some lunch.

I hope everyone had a SAFE and HAPPY new year :)

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