more snow pictures + new look + bachelor recap + cake balls!

Okay, I was using the owl background until I got this one up. Cute huh!? I like ;]

Yesterday we went over to my parents to play in the snow with Hanna, it was fun but COLD. We only stayed for about an hour so we could get home in time to make dinner and watch the bachelor.

How cute are those!? My dad and Hanna made the snowman before we got there, in case you can't see the leaves on his head, he was a "Caeser Snowman" ha!

Yesterday, since we were snowed in all day, we decided to make cake balls! It was my first time, and I didn't go by any recipe, I just went with what sounded good.

1. Get cake mix (I used the super moist betty crocker chocolate)
2. Mix as the box says
3. Stir in 1 bag of crushed andes mints
4. Bake according to directions
5. Set cake in the freezer for faster cooling
6. Crumble up the cake
7. Shape into balls
8. Poor White chocolate over it (I used hersheys morsels)
9. Sprinkles!


Now, on to more IMPORTANT things ;)


I have fully decided I am NOT loving Michelle. See is just too much for me. As of now, I don't have any other favorites, but I'm still stuck on Emily and Ashley S. Emily is too adorable for words. She is DEFINITELY the Tenley of this season, and Tenley was my girl last season!

Happy Tuesday :)


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