Bachelor 2011: Top Picks

I love the bachelor, so if you don't you may not want to read :)

Did you watch it?

This year is BRAD WOMACK.. again. He's a doll, but sure got some crap last time. Poor Brad, he got NAILED from these ladies! But he [kind've] deserved it. :/

My top picks for this season are my absolute favorites- IN ORDER :)

Emily from Charlotte, NCShe is an event planner for a Children's Hospital and she is SO southern and cute. She also has a little girl. I adore her. She met and fell in love when she was 15 and got engaged at 19. Her fiance was a racecar driver and she happened to stay home one weekend and he died in a plane crash. She said she wished she died in it with him so she didn't have to live without him until she found out a few weeks later she was pregnant with their daughter, who she named after him. Adorable. (She was also in the first few batch of girls to get a rose!)

Ashley S. from Ellerbe, NCShe is a nanny! She is so sweet and adorable and she got the first impression rose :) she is the one who told Brad that she was there to be his friend first and foremost and that the past is the past and she doesn't hold the first season against him. He said "that's what i'm looking for in a wife.. a friend." love it.

Michelle from Salt Lake City, UTShe's a hairstylist! She also has a 5 year old daughter and is super adorable. She was also the first person to get a rose (besides the first impression rose) i'm not 100% how much I like her yet, but I think I like her!

Did you watch? Who are your top picks and what do you think about Brad getting a second chance?


Ashley said...

I agree with the top 2... especially #1!!

Syndal said...

icky michelle gives me a really weird vibe! already not a fan of her! i love emily though..she's super cute!

Jenn said...

I love your top two picks! Not so sure about Michelle though...she looks like she's going to get a little nutty in the season. Speaking of nutty...what about "vampire girl"?? Ha!

Hilary Lane said...

I haven't decided whether or not I want to watch it yet. I DVRed it just in case. Do you think it's going to be a good season?

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