-I will keep a journal
-I will work more on LISTENING to Him and letting Him have his way with my life
-I will continue to work on my patience level with everyone/everything
-I will reach my goal weight and continue to work out and be healthy
-I will make new friends and no longer be sad that the old are gone. He took them out of my life for a reason.

:) I declare every one of you will have a blessed year and a year full of good surprises, change, and a break out in your area of what God wants you to be a part of. YOU be the change. The time is here!

"Heaven is here now.. He's all around us.."


Zoe said...

Good declarations! I just saw all that stuff about the rude commenter, that is horrible. Every time you post a picture of yourself i think oh my gosh she is one of the most beautiful people i have ever seen! And good job on loosing some pounds!! It takes discipline and you are doing a great job! You go girl!



Ria Thurston said...

love it. you go girl!

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