SUNday FUNday!

Me & Zekey with our morning hair

WHAT a lazy Sunday morning at our house. Even though I was SUPER tired, I woke up with the dogs and Michael just now woke up! He must have been super tired :)

Last night, we went to Huntsville with my best friend Emily and her boyfriend, Drew. We ate at Newks and then we went to see a movie-The Dilemma. It was SO hilarious! Vince Vaughn is one of my (if not my favorite) favorite actors! I also love Kevin James too, super funny.

We didn't get home until midnight and I was in the worst mood. I was SO sleepy! We had a late night the night before so I was super worn out. We were asleep probably 20 minutes after we got back home.

Oh, this isn't the best video BUT some people from our area [The Civil Wars] were on Jay Leno the other night! How cool is that? I love their stuff. We're going to their show Feb. 1st. Listen and Love. :)

Lunch today with my parent's - yummmm!
Happy Sunday, loves!


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