What A BOOtiful weekend! (lame? :)

Hiiiii bloggy friends! I hope you had a FAB weekend. Ours was rather packed, but fun!

Friday night- Michael and I had a lovely little date

Saturday- When we woke up Saturday morning we realized we had a funeral visitation to go to for one of our good friends' grandmothers. Sad :(
I was supposed to get my ring, and they told me they would call me by 12:30.. and 1:30 rolls around and no call. I was so upset. So I called them and they said it didn't come in, but we decided to go to the mall anyways and while we were in Kay's we stopped by to ask if they knew why it wasn't in. They were SO busy and had accidently over looked it--the ring was in! :) I was SOOOOO excited (to say the least) and here are three views of my precious ring (that do NOT do it justice!) But here it is! :)

top view

side view

diamonds everywhere!

Do you love it? ME TOO!

Saturday night- We went over to my parents house and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters, yes, we live in the Bible belt there for we trick or treat on Saturday! :) Michael, Zeke, and I dressed up in our Alabama gear to go give candy!

Sunday- We got up and got ready and went to church, and after we went to Michael's mom's church to see her for a second since we weren't going to make it over yesterday. We were going to go out to eat with her, but I was not about to wait 1.5 hours to eat at Logan's! So, we had sandwiches. :)

We went to the mall, Target, kohls, wal-mart, everywhere--to look for a costume for Emma's Holloween party last night! I was MORE than excited when we found the Guido & Guidette kit! So of course, Snooki and Pauly D. it was!

Oh, and check this out!

Happy Monday!


Lindsey said...

love your pauly d and snooki costumes! my boyfriend sent me the picture of the kids as well - i had to add it to our post of the jersey shore characters! too funny!
and your ring is gorgeous!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

I love the Jersey Shore costumes!! You two are such a cute couple!!

Hilary Lane said...

Your ring set is gorgeous!! My best friend has the same engagement ring as you & my wedding band is (well, was) the same as yours. But they look great together!!

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