Blogger award + more SOPHIE! :)

Last night Sophie did great! She slept by Michael most of the night.. she really likes him! She's been using her pee pad like a good little girl and eating and has warmed up to the rest of the crew :)

I was a little hesitant to keep her on her pee pad since my other dogs go outside on a leash, but since she was already trained I decided we would see how well she did with it and go from there. So I keep her pee pad and food + water in my bathroom. She's had 2 accidents, one when she was scoping out the house and one in the middle of the night. [Which was my fault because she kept jumping down going to her pee pad and I thought she just wanted to play so I kept picking her up.] Well, she showed us, and peed right on Michael's pillow. HA! Not funny, but semi-funny.

Anyways, Here are some pictures of Sophie Kate!

I will hopefully get some more (not cell phone) pictures soon. She's a little camera shy and boy does she love her daddy! *jealousy* ;)

On to the blogger award that RIA tagged me in! Ria is probably my best blogger friend! It seems like we BBM everyday! PLUS she is suuuuuuper in love with Jesus and so sweet! And suuuuuper stylish! haha :) So here we go!

The rules are you are to share 7 things about yourself. Then Pass it along… So… here I go!

1. True story: I haven't had a coke in EIGHT weeks. :D

2. I have a freckle on my neck in the shape of a heart.

3. I have 4 dogs and would have a hundred more if I could!

4. My birthday is the day before Thanksgiving this year.

5. My dream is to own a boutique clothing store w- a little bakery on the side.

6. I have the loudest laugh in the world.

7. I gag at the site of broccoli and squash. *gags*

NOW- YOU do it! I'm tagging every single one of you!

Ps. Could you keep a little prayer going for my family? It's pretty urgent. Thank you!


Ria Thurston said...

1. I like all the photos.
2. Rosey goes on the pee pad too. She still struggles with #2
3. I am praying for your family!

HAVE AN AWESOME DAY WHIT! Glad you posted this :)

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