Call me crazy but...

I'm here to suprise you all, once more.

I did it, again. (for the 4th time to be exact)

We have officially adopted our fourth furbaby.
A 2 pound, 13 week old, yorkie-baby girl.

Meet Sophie Kate Tomlin ♥

Sophie has the sweetest personality! Her original name was "CoCo Chanel" But Michael wasn't to hip on that name, ha! We decided to name her a sweet name, since she is anything but rambunctious and outgoing. She's fairly shy, she isn't too fond of her sister and brothers yet, and she is a teensie little loveable baby.

We have a friend who was recently divorced and she had bought her two little girls two yorkies, and realized she couldn't handle all of it plus her job, the girls activities and school, her clinicals, and a daily life with the puppies and it wasn't fair to the puppies to have to be alone all the time.

Her sister is keeping the boy [Oscar] and I was going to find Sophie a home until Heather sent me a picture of her.. and I fell in love! My heart melted 10x more when I met her. SO SWEET.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a furbaby. Obviously.
What young married couple, in their right mind, has 4 dogs? ME. Because we are cuhhhraaaaazy!

Wish us luck on our new adventures with miss Sophie! Hopefully I will have her added to my blog page sometime soon. And please pray she ends up loving her new brothers and sister! They just wanna sniff her but she isnt really into that! I dont blame her ha!


Ashley said...

TOOO cute!! Congrats!! P.s: I am your newest follower!! ;)

Sherlene & Kimberly said...

Love it Whitney! She is precious!

Amanda said...

awwww i love your new furbaby!!! so cute!

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