So I haven't been letting you follow with my weight loss as much as I was planning on because I really am busy ALL the time!

But, I haven't had a coke in about 7 weeks, I don't eat "fast food", I only drink water unless I have milk with my cereal (obviously), I eat very healthy, go to my trainer 3x a week, and do what she asks me to do outside of training too. (cardio)

and in 6 weeks.. I have lost...
16 pounds!

Can you believe it!? I'm still on my way to my goal, but it's getting closer everyday! We were wanting to see me lose 20lbs by Christmas, but the new goal is Thanksgiving! That's only 4 more pounds by the 25th and I KNOW I can do it. And it would be a great Birthday present! My 21st birthday is November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving this year!

Please pray I reach 20 by Thanksgiving! :)

Happy Friday!
*Tonight we are going to a "Gender party" to find out with my good friend and her hubs are having! I think it's a BOY! :)


Ria Thurston said...

YOU WILL DO IT! Way to be healthy and on your way to your "dream weight" :)

Morgan Paige said...

that is AWESOME!!! you can do it! and hey, perfect timing for some new clothes for christmas :)

Hilary Lane said...

How exciting! Go you!

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