MIA + bad news.

I am alive, I swear!
We went on our anniversary getaway and got back monday night, and ever since then sooo much has went on! I will start my anniversary recaps tonight.
Work has been SO busy because I left Wednesday, and work was closed Thursday-Monday for the holiday weekend and my parents went to the beach too, therefore we have been slammed and I'm still getting caught up on sleep + i've had a sore throat and not felt good.
My dad left Tuesday to go to San Antonio for work, and mom is leaving to meet him there today! So it's just the three of us fending for our own this afternoon and tomorrow and praying things go extra smoothly!
Like I said, I will do my anniversary recaps tonight (sorry in advance for many seperate posts) but for now I want to share something with you, because we need your prayer.
Michael went in to work Tuesday and worked the work day, and as he was on his way out the door to come home his boss called him in his office and told him they were going to have to "let him go." He was let go on good terms, but it still isn't good for our family.
Michael and I have a strong relationship, and we are fine, but we have rent to pay, bills to pay, three dogs, etc. so we really need your prayer during this time.
We asked for a new season, and we got new season alright!
Trying to stay positive so please pray. We know the Lord has bigger+better plans for us. :)
"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19


Caitrin said...

I am so sorry! I will be praying for you both during this time!

I am glad to see you are back from your trip and had a great time though! I am looking forward to some pictures :)

Laura said...

Ohh no! I'll keep you in my prayers!!

Alex(andra) said...

Oh no... I'm so sorry! I'll definitely be praying for you two... I can't even imagine. :( I'm glad to hear Capo's doing better though!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Im so sorry Whitney! I will be praying for yall!

Mateya said...

Sorry to hear about that! Something bigger and better is coming your way! :)

Hilary Lane said...

Well first of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And second - that's no good about his job. Praying for you guys!

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