Day #1

So, as you know, yesterday was my first day (back) with my personal trainer. I am on the road to losing 55 pounds and I am sooo excited about it too!

I went in yesterday knowing what to expect, but she (to no surprise), kicked my butt. That's exactly what I needed!

I walk in the door of her basement, and slowly hear the pitter-patter of feet walking above me, down the stairs, then to see my tiny little trainer ALL SMILES! Being greeted and being comfortable with someone is KEY for me to have a good workout. It really made me want to be there. While hopping on the treadmill we caught up on each others lives, families lives, friends lives, etc.

I walked for maybe 10 minutes, and then it was butt kicking time. The moment I stepped off the treadmill I knew it meant "Go-time" and go-time it was.

I think I did every work out to man, and lived a long 30 minutes, but it really was over before I knew it! We talked our way out the door when it was time to leave, legs shakey and all, to see my smiling husband waiting for me in the car. What a pretty face :)

I sat down in the car, still out of breathe, and it was off we went. MORE than ready to go back tomorrow, but still getting in my cardio and healthy eating today!

This morning I woke up barely able to move, and it was the worst and BEST feeling. I hope you stick around for the entire journey!



Ria Thurston said...

YOU GO GIRL! DONT GIVE UP :) Soooo excited for you!

Syndal said...

ugh I'm with ya girl! i have a trainer too and I've been slacking lately..good luck!!

Anonymous said...

you have a blog award! check it out my blog... :)

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