Day #2- yikes!

Could I be more sore? (The answer is NO)

I've eaten GREAT and I am more than proud of myself. Since I didn't go to Melissa yesterday (I go today!) Michael and I went and walked a mile along with doing some lunges and other things I've learned from training. The park beside our house closes when it gets dark, so we ate subway (yummiest healthy choice!) and went to a little shopping center and that's where we walked and did my workouts. I think Michael was a little embarrassed seeing as I was doing lunges where people were shopping, but HEY! whatever :)

They have a little shopping center with a Cato, Joann's Crafts, and a soon to be Shoe Carnival and Ross-Dress for less! So since it wasn't TOO busy through there, that's where I chose to do my workouts. I made Michael do some with me but he was so embarrassed he was acting a fool, ha!

My legs are SOOOO sore, and have been since Tuesday but- I guess if it hurts then I'm doing something right! It's amazing knowing these muscles haven't been used in a while, ha!

I woke up in the middle of the night (not the times from hardly being able to move) to a warm PEE streaming down my leg and on my bed! NO SILLY, I didn't have an accident! But Capo did. Still want a puppy, Ria!? ;)

After that I went back to sleep for a few more hours and then I woke up, went on a walk, had a yummy glass of milk and off to shower + work I went.

Happy Thursday (payday!!)


Ria Thurston said...

HA! :) You are so funny. Thanks for the shout-out. We are planning to not allow our puppy in the bead... harsh...?? Well, we've gotten a LOT of advice against the bed sleeping puppy. :)

Amanda said...

go girl! that is so awesome!!!! i am always trying to be more fit and eat healthy...it's a challenge. lol! have a great weekend! :)

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