Florida Bound!

Yep, that's right!

We woke up early this morning [5AM to be exact] and left our apartment around 7AM heading out the door for Ormond Beach!

It's 5:18 Florida time [4:18 Alabama time] right now and we are set to arrive at about 7:00!

We are soo excited! I drove from 7-11 and Michael has drove until now and we will soon be switching so I can drive the rest of the way.

I've never been on a trip that my family hasn't been on, because for our honeymoon everyone left and we took on the beach by ourselves and rode back alone. But I have never not been with them! My parents are actually going to Destin, Florida and are leaving tomorrow and my little sister went out of town with her friend Lily today until Monday or Tuesday.

Anyways, pictures to come later- but for now I must go drive :]

Ps. Please keep my friend Erin and her family in your prayers. Erin has a bassett hound named Jake and he is her baby! He is 9 years old and earlier this week they found out he had cancer and was going to have to be put down. Erin is really heartbroken and I know how tough this is. Please prayer for comfort and that she knows she has done the right thing for sweet Jake. Thank you!


Jen said...

Just found your blog; sooo cute! AND we share the same anniversary! Happy 1st Anniversary!

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