I'm back! + anniversary pictures [finally!]

I think my life is finally slowing down a little, so back to the blogger world I go :]

So much has been going on with Mikey's job situation, getting back home and back to work from vacations, and then my parent's turning around and leaving for San Antonio right after and getting back today!

I'm so glad they're back, I love my family so much! My mom shopped lots in San Antonio and brought my sister and I back sooo much stuff, I am so thankful! Not to mention, my mom has lost SO much weight the past year and has had a little [much needed] shopping spree for herself over the past few weeks and she is looking and rockin' it all fabulously! ;)

Okay, so now for the pictures + stories you have all been waiting for from our one year anniversary vacation!!

Yes, That is Demi Lovato you see in my pictures below! and YES that is the Jonas brothers! I only got one blurry picture of Kevin, but I got lots of videos, so I will try to upload those in a seperate post.

But the story goes like this.. We just HAPPENED to be staying at the Hilton across from the Ocean Center, the concert place, and it was the weekend of the American Music Festival and Usher stayed a few rooms down from us and we saw him [the picture of the bus are his dancers] I met Demi Lovato, so sweet and gorgeous! I also have videos of the insane craziness when we saw the Jo Bros! We waited out by their bus [with 900 security guards and every other teenage girl in America] and finally they came out! I touched kevin, HELD NICKS HAND, and saw Joe! Can you tell their my faves? Didn't think so ;)

Anyways, enjoy!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

cute pics!!!!! glad yall had such a great vacation!

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