I'm always Missing. I missed sharing my birthday and thanksgiving with you! I'm so lazy. Okay, not really, I really have been going like a mad woman. But, on a side note.... My parents surprised me with an iPad today! I'm loving it. I'm on it now ;) the got me an ipad and my little sister, Hanna, an iPhone four. She loves hers too! My parents are so amazing. And I don't just say that when they get me amazing things like an iPad! I really say it and mean it almost everyday. I don't tell them as much as i should, but everyone know how crazy I am about them. Anyways, I will be back on tomorrow and share thanksgiving, black Friday, and my birthday with you and lots of pictures!
In the mean time, follow me on twitter! Do any of you have a Twitter? :) @whitneytomlin


Ria Thurston said...

Cute! What a nice thing from your parents :-) SO sweet!! Can't wait to see pictures!

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