Hi! Zekey here. Mom wanted me to tell you what I've been up to. I probably don't look any different than the last time you saw me, I still weigh 6lbs and i'm still just as fiesty..maybe more! But as you know, I'm a pretty handsome man (I'm not being cocky, mommy tells me everyday!) so I'm going to post two of my favorite recent pictures of myself. Mommy limited us each to two per pup. She said we get too conceited sometimes.

This is me and my little sister, Sophie. She kind of looks like me.. But she's a girl.

Mommy caught me in the midst of playing. Don't I look handsome?

Hi everyone :) it's me, Xoe! I'm kind of shy (Unlike my brother) so bare with me. My Poppy & MiMi got me some new bones for Christmas, so that's what I spend a lot of my time doing. I got kind of sick a few weeks ago, but i'm all better now. I'm "Voluptuous" as mom likes to say. I'm 24 pounds and still more beautiful than ever!

This is me and my brother Zeke. I don't know what he was doing, but mommy yells at him after she laughs and takes pictures. He must have been excited Christmas was so close!

Oops! Mommy caught me mid blink, but she loves this picture of me! Do you like my new collar? I love it.

(In the voice of Eyeore) Hello guys. I'm Capey. I'm much more excited than it seems, but my squishy face makes it seems as if I would talk like Eyeore from Winnie-the-Pooh. That's what Mommy & Daddy say. I'm much bigger than the last time you saw me. I weigh almost FIFTY pounds now. Can you believe it? I only weighed FIVE when Mommy & Daddy first rescued me. I love my brother & sisters SO much! I'm such a good dog now. For a while Mommy said I was being bad, but I changed her mind :)

This is me and Daddy. I love him so much. Don't get me wrong, I really love my mommy, but i'm daddy's buddy. That's what he told me :)

Mom took this right before I was about to tackle my new sister. I like to sit like this on the couch sometimes too. Look how big I am!

Hi!! My name is Sophie Kate! I'm still a wittle baby but i'll twy my berry best to type for yew. I'm getting to be a big girl. I almost weight FIVE pounds. Unwike my yorkie brudder zekey I am very skinny and tall. Hims is short and chunky. :) Mommy says i'm a diva. What's that mean? When I want water I stand by the sink and jump reawy high until mommy comes and gives it to me. Sometimes she called me spoiled, but im not sure what that means either..

This is the stairs I race up 200x times a day that lead to mommy and daddys bed. Sometimes I miss and fall off.

This is me in my faaaaaavorite jacket! Mommy bought it for me to keep me extra warm, and because it was super cute. Do you like my bow too?

We hope you loved catching up with us!
Xoe, Zeke, Capo, and Sophie Kate


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