I'm baaaaaaaaaack :)

So, I'm going to TRY to keep up with my blog more! I'm talking with Bailey, and hopefully getting a new layout soon so I can start fresh and keep up with it. I used to blog everyday! BUT I do use my Tumblr pretty frequently, so if you want to visit there then please do! Click here.

How was your Christmas!? Ours was really good! I'm leaving to go back to work after the fun little weekend we had, and I definitely do NOT want to! Bleh, I wish it could be holidays everyday ;)

On Christmas Eve, my parents took Michael, Me, and my sister Hanna to Huntsville for the day and we shopped, saw Little Fockers (Hilarious!) and went to The Melting Pot, which is a fondu restraunt, OMG, sooo good! After a day in Huntsville, we went to see some Christmas lights. TOO fun! I love spending so much time with my family.

Christmas morning we woke up, went right to my parents house and opened gifts (Santa was good this year! ;) and then ate a big yummy breakfast, cooked by my dad. mmmmmmm :) Afterwards we just laid around, took a big nap, and then Michael and I came home to get ready and spend a few hours with the dogs before we left to go to his Mom's. We went there around 5:30 and exchanged gifts and then ate dinner, then came home around 8:30.

It was a perfect Christmas!
Oh, did I mention we had a WHITE Christmas? Yes, we did! It was our first snow of the year, and our first white Christmas since 1989, the winter I was born!

It was beautiful! It also snowed the day after Christmas, so most of the churches closed and we decided to go get breakfast! After that we went to Best Buy and shopped for a little while at the mall, then went home for the majority of the day.

All in all, I would have to say this has been the best weekend I have had in a long time! Family, Food, presents, Jesus' birthday, and SNOW! What more could you ask for?

How was your christmas!?

*Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I am still workout out with my trainer and I have lost 23 pounds so far :)


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