Where have I been!?

I can't answer that because I'm really not sure! BUT I do have some news!

I have lost 7lbs in 4 sessions with Melissa! And of course, doing my part at home too. Only 48 more to go! ;) I'm expecting to be where I want to be by March! Melissa said Febuary, whatever the case may be--My goal is March!

I've been been walking 2-3 times a day, 45 minutes or so at a time which burns a good 200 calories walking moderately, I've had lots of water, breakfast every morning, fruits out the wazoo and it's not bad at all! And I haven't had to "miss out" on going anywhere due to my "strict eating" thanks to my little app that has all the restraunts in the world and I can know the calories anywhere I go!

I can definitely tell a huge difference and I just FEEL better! I've had many compliments as well. I'm thrilled. Can ya tell? I'm BEAMING!!! :)

Off to eat some yummy light ranch + carrots I go! I promise I won't be gone for so long this time ;)


Ria Thurston said...

YES! GOOD WORK! What is the app? I wanna download it :)

Amanda said...

congrats! that is wonderful!

Kristina said...

i'm jealous =( I need to lose weighttttttttttttttttt

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