Galatians 6:9 Project--please share!

Some friends and I have started a new "campaign/project" which is the "Galatians 6:9 Project/Don't Lose Heart Campaign" and we are expecting and believing for it to get huge! We just made our blog today, so we have a little ways to go- but please feel free to follow us and watch us grow! Also, we have made a Twitter that you WANT to follow for sure because someone is always tweeting something uplifting and encouraging--who wouldn't want that!? :) ALSO ALSO-- we have a facebook page that was just created the day before yesterday and we already have 45 likes! -100 is our first goal to get to, and with your help we will exceed it before no time! Please check us out and share!

Twitter: @Gal6_9Project
Click here: Blogspot
Click here: Facebook


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