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Monday.. funday?

I found this picture of my Oma that I absolutely adore. Wasn't she gorgeous? I hope this amazing picture makes you smile today like it did for me. On another happy note, it's only 22 (as of tomorrow) days until we move to Florida. Time is getting closer and we are more than excited. Please be praying we (+ my family) have no trouble tying all the "loose ends" before we leave and that things continue to run smoothly. Oh, also pray our AC gets fixed-fast. I have no idea what the deal is but it's a sauna in our apartment. It's also been in the high 80's all weekend so there's a slight chance Mr. Sunshine has shocked my poor AC unit. I slept a measly ONE hour last night on the couch due to me or the dogs not being able to get comfortable because of HEAT. + having to be up at 6:30 this morning for work at 7:30 was terrible. Bleh. But I have to say, I was much more alert today than I am any other Monday! Weird, huh? Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend, I know we did! Happy (late!) Monday!


Galatians 6:9 Project--please share!

Some friends and I have started a new "campaign/project" which is the "Galatians 6:9 Project/Don't Lose Heart Campaign" and we are expecting and believing for it to get huge! We just made our blog today, so we have a little ways to go- but please feel free to follow us and watch us grow! Also, we have made a Twitter that you WANT to follow for sure because someone is always tweeting something uplifting and encouraging--who wouldn't want that!? :) ALSO ALSO-- we have a facebook page that was just created the day before yesterday and we already have 45 likes! -100 is our first goal to get to, and with your help we will exceed it before no time! Please check us out and share!

Twitter: @Gal6_9Project
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Remember all of those times I talked about moving? And all of you said "do it while your young!"? Well, there was always one thing holding me back. My family! I could never leave them. Just couldn't be without them. Well, My parents approached us a few months ago telling us they were moving and wanted us to go too! WHAT! Okay of course, now where are we moving? THE BEACH, YOU SAY!?! Heck. YES. Destin, Florida to be exact.

My parents have always wanted to move to the beach. Now that my mom doesn't have my Oma and Papa here anymore (sadly :/) and all of us are "grown" they decided why not?

So, in a few months time, we have managed to get everyone together and will be moving to the beach! We have a place for the business, my parents are having a house built + have sold their house here to our best family friends, and Michael and I have an amazing apartment waiting on us! NOW. When are we moving you ask?

May 4, 2011!

Soon approaching. :)

Can you tell I'm excited? Nah.. ;)


More snow + The Civil Wars

My blogger has NOT been working at work with this new stupid internet explorer. grr.


We got somemore snow last night. Nothing compared to the 12 inches we got a week and a half ago, but we got a good inch. It's pretty to see;) Schools got delayed 2 hours for an inch of snow. You can't imagine the madness when we got hit with 12 inches, huh? It was pretty insane.

Here is a picture of our pretty snow!

Did I ever tell you about The Civil Wars? They're two people from my area, and they are getting pretty big! They performed on Jay Leno last week and this is my favorite song from them. Does he not look JUST like Johnny Depp?

Happy Friday!


SUNday FUNday!

Me & Zekey with our morning hair

WHAT a lazy Sunday morning at our house. Even though I was SUPER tired, I woke up with the dogs and Michael just now woke up! He must have been super tired :)

Last night, we went to Huntsville with my best friend Emily and her boyfriend, Drew. We ate at Newks and then we went to see a movie-The Dilemma. It was SO hilarious! Vince Vaughn is one of my (if not my favorite) favorite actors! I also love Kevin James too, super funny.

We didn't get home until midnight and I was in the worst mood. I was SO sleepy! We had a late night the night before so I was super worn out. We were asleep probably 20 minutes after we got back home.

Oh, this isn't the best video BUT some people from our area [The Civil Wars] were on Jay Leno the other night! How cool is that? I love their stuff. We're going to their show Feb. 1st. Listen and Love. :)

Lunch today with my parent's - yummmm!
Happy Sunday, loves!



Hey friends!

Please do me a HUGE favor. I need help getting a blog going, so head on over to Sweet Nothings and follow and please post for all your friends to share too!

It's going to be a blog full of daily encouragement for women and a weekly prayer request post as well!

So head on over and make yourself comfy!

Thanks SO much!

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