Rain & Lightning & Tornado's.. Oh my!

This morning I woke up to a terrible pain in my chest! It felt like I had tried to pull an 18 wheeler all by myself and pulled every muscle in my chest & back. Thankfully, it's feeling a bit better! I think I must have slept in an extremely awkward position or something?

Not only that, but I woke up to a loud burst of thunder and an extremely flooded neighborhood.


We're supposed to have some really bad weather today in Alabama, and I believe there is some nasty weather in Tennessee too, seeing Baileys blog. I'm not a fan of storms. Thank goodness my parents [after taking my little sister to the ER this morning, thinking she broke her foot] came and got me and the pups so I wouldn't have to stay home by myself. I'm a baby, I know.

Michael had to go to work this morning & I was dreading staying at home by myself all day long. Since we're obviously NOT going anywhere tonight, my parents brought me and my sister to their house and they headed out to walmart before the really bad weather got here and they just got back.

Daddy is making my Oma's famous Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner tonight!

So even though I don't like the storms, I will be spending a relaxing, dark, rainy Saturday with my family & eating yummy food and watching TV couped up with all the puppies [the parentals have 4] all day.

How's the weather there & what are you doing today!?


Alex(andra) said...

Ick. Tornadoes are about my least favorite thing ever... I'm glad your parents came to get you, and you found me on twitter! Stay safe!

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